I bring you the Book Fangirling Award!

img_1089My attempt at The Infinity Dream Award went up the other day and now I’m back to complete the questions set by Larkin @Wonderfilled Reads Thank you so much for nominating me for the Book Fangirling Award!  You should also head over to her blog and check it out.  🙂

The rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions they set for you.
  • Set some new questions and nominate five more bloggers.

Larkin’s questions:

1.Which fandom do you identify yourself most with?
Harry Potter definitely!  My Twitter was previously dedicated to the HP fandom, eventually, it slowly merged with other fandoms, now it’s just for bookish stuff/personal use.  So, yeah, I would say Harry potter as it’s the fandom I’ve been part of for the longest. The same as many people on here I’m guessing?

2.What are some positives and negatives to fandoms in general?

Positives of fandoms:

  • Fandoms are a great way to communicate and meet other fans.  By being part of a fandom, you ultimately end up talking to people from all different countries around the world and meeting friends and peers who share the same interest as you.  Furthermore, you get to communicate with these friends and peers and discuss and find out new things about the particular fandom.
  • Fandoms are a great way to encourage expression and passion.  They allow people to fully express who they are and their passion for the particular fandom.  Fandoms could even encourage people to express their creativity by creating fan art, writing fan fiction or even setting up and Etsy shop selling fandom merchandise. 
  • Fandoms further allow people to become part of a community and feel involved.  Joining a fandom community may also mean you visit conventions and other places that promote the particular fandom. 
  • On a whole, I think fandoms can open a wide range of opportunities up and create friendships between people who maybe wouldn’t have been friends otherwise.

Negative of fandoms:

Tbh, I can’t really think of many negative, but I’ll give it ago anyway.

  • In EXTREME cases, I guess people can become so absorbed in a fandom they begin to have a distorted view of reality and relationships.  Someone may dedicate their lives to a certain character in an unhealthy manner where the line between fantasy and reality has been removed.  I’m not saying this is the fandom’s fault, but maybe it could have encouraged the person to become overly obsessed with a particular fandom or character.
  • Fandoms may also cause people to feel inclined to defend things.  This isn’t necessarily true, it’s just an example.  However, a franchise with a huge fandom may bring out a second film, the second film may be poor compared to the first, but people feel inclined to defend it because they are part of that fandom.

3.Is there one fandom that you will never understand or want to join?
I mean this in no offence, but I don’t understand the hype with My Little Pony.

4.Do you collect and fandom items? What are they?
I like to purchase replicas or props.  Unfortunately, I don’t have many at the moment.

5. What book, tv show or movie do you think deserves a hardcore fandom but doesn’t have one?
I think a lot of things these days have a fandom already.  However, it would be great if smaller cult classics (Spaced) could have a wide scale fandom rather than a cult following.  One of my of my favourite TV shows, Absolutely Fabulous doesn’t have a massive following, I’d love if it did, it’s such a great show!

My nominees:

My questions:

1.Have you ever done anything embarrassing while you’ve been fangirling?
2.Biggest book hangover?
3.When was the last time you fangirled and why?
4.Do you read or write fanfiction
5.Who are you fangirling most over at the moment?

I really enjoyed doing this award and I hope you do too!  On that note, I’ll leave you with a Spaced GIF.

Happy reading!

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14 thoughts on “I bring you the Book Fangirling Award!

  1. blackcatkai says:

    Aww thank you!! 😀 man I used to love Spaced! I haven’t watched that show in forever. We have it on our computer here….I think imma have to binge watch one of these days now!! Lol

    Fandoms can be the greatest thing ever. This is an awesome little award. Love your answers!!

    Liked by 1 person

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