Character Showcase Thursday #01

Hey guys, how are you all today? At around 7am yesterday, I had a sudden burst motivation and thought of loads of different blog post ideas.  Due to this burst of motivation, I’ve found that there are many characters I want to discuss, who stand out to me or I just simply like, but I have no way to do so.  That is the whole idea of this post, it’s a way I can share all those awesome characters with you guys, discuss and find out characters who all of you guys love, too. It’s sort of like a character showcase, I guess, where I showcase fortnightly all the characters I love, or who have stood out to me. However, fortnightly is not set in sand, it may be changed to monthly, whichever I find works best for this post.  If you have an opinion on this, please, let me know in the comments.

Anyway, enough of my blabbering on, let’s start the first ever character spotlight!


Book characters

Recently I’ve been stuck in a stupidly long book slump, meaning I haven’t read a book for far too long.  However, there are still many characters from weeks ago who I can’t seem to forget about.  So, what a perfect time to be able to write and share my thoughts about them.

Lila Bard from A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E Schwab

Delilah Lila Bard

Deliah “Lila” Bard, is one of my favourite characters in ADSoM; she’s a female character, from Grey London, and she is a thief/pickpocket, who one day dreams of becoming a pirate.  

Reasons why I like Lila Bard:

  • Delilah Bard is a complete and utter BADASS.
  • I love the fact Lila doesn’t take crap from anyone and she completely stands her ground.
  • Lila is as tough as nails, she has many weapons and she fights for what she believes in.
  • She’s a strong girl. 
  • Lila has always dreamed of her own pirate ship, getting away from Grey London and she fights for this dream.  In other words, Lila never gives up.
  • She finds a friend in Kell and it’s adorable.
  • She’s daring.
  • Her humour cracks me up.  Like, seriously, when she uses the Black Stone and creates an illusion of Kell performing a strip tease I was crying!

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Anime vs Manga

Hey guys, it’s been far too long!  I’ve spent way too much time recently finishing Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood anime, reading Monster, and finally starting Naruto.  Like, seriously, way too much time.  I haven’t posted in soo long! :O I’m such a bad blogger!  I also lost all the templates I made for the headers I use on my posts, ffs.

Anyway, considering I’m currently on a massive anime and manga hype, I thought I’d do a list of pros and cons for both anime and manga. Continue reading

Useful information about DC TPB and singular comics

Sorry I haven’t posted for a little while.  I’ve been spending a lot of time doing maths as I want to improve (I SUCK at maths).  This post was originally meant to go up Friday-Saturday, but as I said, I’ve been a bit delayed.  Sorry for getting behind again, guys.

Anyway on to what this post is about!

I wrote a post similar to this a while ago, called ‘DC New 52 trade paperbacks vol.1 recommendations’. However, reading back through that post, I’ve decided to expand on  it.  I guess this could now be classed as part 2.

Trade paperbacks can be very daunting to start.  I know I felt confused about where to start and had many questions about reading trade paperbacks and singular comics.  

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Super cheap Amazon U.K. e-book deals #02

Hey, guys!  I originally wrote a post named ‘Super cheap Amazon U.K. e-book deals!’ as a one off post a while ago.  However, I’ve now decided to make it a regular thing on my blog!  I hope you enjoy this post and find it useful when looking for cheap e-books.

Before I begin, just a heads up, the majority of the e-books I list will be young adult.

[Click any of the pictures to go to the page]

Now on to the fun stuff!

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Book Travelling Thursdays: One of your all-time favourite books

Hey everyone, what’s up?  This is my first time taking part in Book Travelling Thursdays, hopefully, it will become a regular post. 

Book Travelling Thursdays is a feature hosted by Catia @The Girl Who Read Too Much and Danielle @Danielle’s Book Blog.  The idea of this feature is to show off pretty covers and different covers from around the world.  For more information on this feature, visit the Goodreads page here.

World Book Day is in a couple of days!  Choose one of your all-time favourite books.

After pondering over this for some time, I’ve decided to go with The Book Thief.  I absolutely adored this book when I read it and I loved the film when I watched it.  I highly, highly recommend this novel! [Find my review of The Book Thief here]

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Can we really avoid spoilers?

Hey, guys!  Today I want to discuss one of the most infuriating things ever – spoilers.

Is it possible to completely avoid spoilers?  

I personally don’t think there is an ultimate way to avoid spoilers.  There are quite a few popular novels I haven’t yet read, however, know the ending to.  Obviously, I didn’t intentionally go looking for spoilers or searched things that would provide me with spoilers, just one day I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and bam spoilers!  

Spoilers tend to be everywhere!! So, is there really a way to avoid them completely?  

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The Book Blogger Test

I know I haven’t posted since Friday! But I’ve been extremely lazy and have spent all my time binge watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Today I am back  with a tag post.  I wasn’t tagged to do this particular tag but it seemed fun, so, I thought I’d give it ago.  I have quite a few tag posts lined up which I have actually been tagged in, though.  (I should probably get on doing those instead of tags that I’m not tagged in lol.)

Let’s get started with The Book Blogger Test then!

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